Nothing Emptier than an Empty Guacamole Bowl (Or a DeVos Hearing)

Empty Guacamole Bowl

Title taken from a cartoon that I saw as a child and thought it so funny. A cat, wearing a beret and a bow tie was looking rather surely at an empty sardine can and saying, “There’s nothing emptier than an empty sardine can.” I remembered how I watched our cats lick and lick sardine cans until there was no trace of the fish oil.

I look forward to Super Bowl Sunday because avocados are always cheaper and readily available in the stores. This I found to be true in my experiences in South Carolina, Oklahoma, North Dakota and now New Brunswick, Canada.

The guacamole is gone and so are the hopes that one Republican senator would step forward and not support Betsy DeVos. Al Frankin spoke passionately in questioning why do we even have these hearings if not one senator could be made to see the atrocity of letting this billionaire lead the Education Reform in this country.

I wonder what it would be like to be back teaching and have this turn of events happen in our profession. Teachers worked hard to be heard only to be told that they did not understand the system. Betsy Devos does not understand the system that she is going to be in charge of. Not knowing that the Disabilities Act is a federal law and not state law is inexcusable.

Money can’t by me love but it sure can buy the Secretary of Education title.

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