Flannel Sheets, Wool Blankets, and a Heavy Wool Quilt

Wool QuiltLang House Bed and Breakfast offers comfort year round. You get the feel that you are getting into bed in a 1950s grandparents’ house as you slip into soft, flannel sheets that protect you from the itchy but beautiful wool blankets with their satin borders. The heavy wool quilt, pieced together from a collection of wool that was no doubt collected from numerous worn coats and other wool clothing. The flat buttons that hold the wool quilt top to the striped flannel back are pleasing to the touch.

Sweet dreams of long ago float from the smooth, worn-soft pale pillow cases. Snuggling down under the covers is cool at first but it soon warms up as you rub your feet between the flannel sheets.

Reading this may bring back fond memories and a desire for an experience now or in the future. Flannel Sheets, Wool Blankets, and a Heavy Wool Quilt…

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