Hired Man Heavy Wool Quilt

Hired HandImagine a time when women worked as farm wives and their husband and hired hand came in for “dinner” at noon. The husband would often have a sleep after dinner, the main meal of the day, and the hired hand would settle down for a snooze on a cot in the kitchen. This was common in the early 1900s. Women often made quilts using wool pieces from a tailor’s sampler book of fabric. Red material was not easy to come by and was put where it would show the most. This quilt had two pieces at the foot of the bed and only one piece at the side.

The weight of the quilt most likely added to the calming of the hired hand. This example of a hired hand quilt was most likely made in Oklahoma where it was purchased. The red wool tacking was done in a close spacing using a thick, strong darning needle.

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