Flower Room

Clearly the room that is the most feminine. The quilt on the wall that depicts the flowers of the provinces of Canada was made by Vera Arthurs when she was 90 years old. This has particular importance to Marian as Vera saved her when she was 4 years old. In the days before child restraint, they were traveling over the rail road tracks at Simms Corner in Saint John. Marian remembers seeing the tracks as she had opened the 57 Dodge car door. Marian was in the front seat and Vera was seated behind her. Vera reached forth and grabbed Marian by the pony tail on the top of her head no doubt saving her little life!

The new quilt on the bed is embroidered in green and yellow.  It is in incredible condition (probably 1950s.) The embroidered dresser scarf was bought in Cambridge-Narrows and appears to have no wear on it despite it being a 1950s style piece.