Queen Room

The Queen Room, birthplace of Marian Langhus and 182 others! Jean Rubidge was the owner of the hospital and midwifery. What a great and peaceful place! Queen bed and two-piece bath! A little dining table and love seat make this a super room on the ground floor (no stairs!).

The ornate ornamental ceilings are unsurpassed as an example of tin work in the 1880s. The detail must have added to the focus points for the women in labor.

As time passes, we learn that this was much more that a midwifery house but also a hospital and surgery. Numerous people have reported that they had operations there like their appendix, tonsils and procedures such as having their broken arms set. Hospital rooms also took up the first two rooms up stairs and even the two girls living in what is called the Family Room, had to sometimes give up their rooms and vacate and go in their mother’s room which is now the Captain’s room.

The wallpaper shown below illustrates the fashion of the times. The writing on the ceiling was found when the bathroom was put in (February 2016) and says “Bruce Weston 1905.”