When I mend a quilt, I always think other things can be fixed -2018

Me fix 1

Pinkie fix

Fixing antique quilts has become my winter activity here in Lang House Bed and Breakfast in the Village of Gagetown in New Brunswick, Canada. This year I am working my way through a stack of “Pinkies” from the mid 1800s. It seems like a fitting activity as Lang House was built in 1880 by a river boat captain, Harvey Weston.


It is not clear to me why I sought such an endeavor as I was a geologist and educator. Quite possibly it was a healing activity. It doesn’t take much talent, only basic needle and thread mending work. I have a collection of thread that helps as well as a small supply of antique fabric that I bought off eBay. I am grateful to those people who harvested old quilts and save quilt blocks  so that other quilts be resurrected.

Mending, it’s more than just fixing items for longer wear. Mending could provide a time to fix things in your own heart. Doing an activity that allows beauty to come back to life enlightens the heart.

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