We have a tradition at Lang House, you pour your own coffee or tea and fix it the way you like, then we top you off when you are seated. We stick to this “pour your own” practice. One time we hosted a family who were attending a wedding in the village. It was Sunday morning and everyone showed up for breakfast. It was a full house. Except for one guy who decided that nursing is hangover was more important than being with his girlfriend and family members. They tried to rouse him but to no avail. When he did show up, everyone was finished and just waiting on him. He looked miserable to be certain and when I asked his if he wanted coffee, he whispered, “yes, please” and I said, “Oh, no, at Lang House, guests always pour their first cup!”

Bruce has developed a delightful quiche with a potato crust with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Other times he makes oatmeal scones with seasonal fruit and pleasing scrambled eggs with fresh dill.

The Lang House favourite is watermelon and we provide fresh local fruit when it is available. Our signature preserve is black currant jam made by our neighbor. Early on we had a guest from Montreal, his wife and adult son were traveling with him. Bruce served the hot scones and black currant jam. Bruce did not know that the jam was called “Cassis” in French. Bruce was standing beside the table and witnessed the man start to cry. He went on to explain that when, as a boy, he and his mother visited his grandmother in France and this is what his grandmother gave him. He had not experienced this breakfast of hot scones and cassis since he was a child.

Since March 2018, Bruce and Marian have been following a Keto diet (with lots of fruit) so any breads are now bought from a local bakery.

The Lang House Specialty has to be feeding groups of people. In the spring of 2017, they hosted a group of 5 quarry men for three months. In the summer months they host groups of six to eight from the boating and cycling scene. Some folks request baked ham and rolls like they received during their first visit in 2015.

Lang House also hosts groups for weddings and retreats. With six rooms filled, Bruce is in his glory planning and feeding hungry guests.

Some additional breakfast pics from the summer of 2019.

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