Pinkie Bathroom has a bathtub and shower. It has a dormer window and a lovely dry sink to hold extra towels and amenities.


The bathroom behind the door with “Blue Boy” on it is more manly with a moose hunting picture and a shower stall. Guests can share the bathrooms as they are comfortable with a boys’ room and a girls’ room or spilt the bathrooms related to rooms.

The Queen Room has a two-piece en-suite featured above. Guests have added privacy when they get up in the night. For showers, they need to go upstairs or to the bathroom with a shower across from the laundry.  The wall paper shown above was exposed when the bathroom was put in under the stairs and behind the wall of the Queen Room. It was a “dry bathroom” in the previous century. The signature of Bruce Weston, 1905 was found on the wall under the stairs like it was written yesterday!

Marina bathroom 2

The Marina has its own private bathroom. The single guest in the Marina room gets very spoiled.