Master Bedroom

The Master bedroom has clear views to the northwest through to the southeast. It overlooks the wharf and marina.

Every day we wake up and marvel at the sky and the water (or ice and snow). It is a perfect room with an ensuite and closet with room for a dresser and sitting chairs. The previous owners lived in the ghost wing and rented out the two rooms in front of the house. When I looked at buying the place I stayed in this room and knew it would not be a rental but our room. Bruce, who was still working in North Dakota, asked me if I had chosen my sewing room yet and I could not decide. He said to make sure I had a perfect room and then I knew that the Marina Room on the same wing overlooking the marina would be my sewing room and single bed rental only on special occasions.

As time went on we received numerous requests for our room. “Number 5” some guests would insist, “over looking the water” and we would nicely say that it was our room now. People would argue, “But we stayed there before, several times!” I remember one guy kind of scowling that he could not stay where he used to. One woman even intoned well into the evening that the queen bed in number 5 was better that the one in the Queen Room as if we were going to give ours up for her.

Emotions run deep when you insist that you want the room that you considered your own personal vacation spot. In the fall of 2016 I had a strange visitor to our room. I will never forget the episode, I was asleep and I was awakened by the door opening. I know, why would a ghost have to open a door but this one did, I heard it and saw the handle move down. A short person wearing a black hoodie opened the door, looked at me and walked down towards the foot of the bed and sat in the chair. We exchanged greetings and I fell back to sleep. I remember it was the Sunday before the start of the Queen’s County Fair and the last big push before the tourist season ended.

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