Writer’s Room

The Writers’ Room – Small but mighty!

From the moment Marian saw this room, she assigned it the name, “Writers’ Room.”
Some day a writer is going to spend some profitable time in this place!

The Writer’s Room, even though it is the smallest of the guest rooms, is often the choice of visitors. It has an “old farmhouse” appeal. Possibly a lot of it has to do with the red flannel paned quilt. The writing desk may have been a dry sink or a gambling desk. The dark wood chair was made in Ireland as noted by its overall design and the shape of the spools on the legs. And who can write without referring to the Complete Oxford Dictionary set?

The tin ceiling makes me think of the people who have spent time there. When Lang House belonged to Jean Rubige, she was not only a mid-wife nurse but she also ran a surgery with Dr. Jenkins and had what we would now call a hospice. She kept one woman with bone cancer until she died.

If listen to my brother Morris, he will tell you that HUNDREDS of people died here but that simply is not true. It was a birth house, surgery, and hospice so a few ghosts may be lingering. After the flood of 2018, we had an enormous cleanup and rebuild. During this time, the Writer’s room was the site for all of my 5 dozen quilts. When we were getting things all back together, a fine woman named Patricia was helping us out. Bruce and I were having lunch and Patricia was cleaning the Writer’s room. She came downstairs to tell us of a smell in the Writer’s Room. It was strong and smelled of death. “Great!”, I thought! I will deal with it. I figured that a muskrat or some medium sized animal crawled up where the heating vent had been and it had died there. I found it odd however because just the day before I had rearranged the bed back in its place. It had been against the side wall and I distinctly remember standing over the furnace grate and putting the bedside table over the grate and looking at it. How could the smell appear and so strongly in such a short period of time? Patricia went back upstairs and just as quickly returned to said that there was no smell. Some people attract spirits where others do not.

A short time after this event we had guests choose this room and when they came down from breakfast we froze for a few minutes waiting to hear if they had experienced the ghostly smell. Our anticipation went on all season as the Writers room seemed to grow as top selection by visitors.

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