Captain’s Room

The Captain’s room is named in honor of river boat Captain Harvey Weston who built the house in 1880 at the age of 22.  When you wake up in the Captain’s room, you see the sort of room that typified that time period (with one major exception, no use of the chamber pot!)

The room is bright and airy and has drawer and closet space for extended stays. It is next to the Women’s bathroom.

This room offers a view of the neighbor’s back yard and Gagetown Creek (which we also refer to as the river as it is a branch of the Saint John River). We would have expected that if any room would shelter ghosts, this would be the one but we have never had a report of anything out of the ordinary in this room.

His burial stone in the Anglican Church in Gagetown reveals that his wife, Edith, preceded him in death in 1923 but his own death along with his grandson occurred on the same tragic day in 1928. As the story goes he was traveling south on a road that paralleled the rail line near Reid’s mill. Apparently he did not hear or see the oncoming train and crossed directly in front of it. Both he and his grandson died at the scene. What a tragic ending to a successful life and that of young five year old boy.

A portrait of Captain Harvey is hung above the mantle in the dining room at Lang House. If you stand in the right place and ask the right question, you will see a twinkle in his left eye.

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