Flower Room

The architectural design along with the vintage wall paper makes this the more romantic choice for many. The window overlooks the old wharf.

The Flower Room is a favourite for recurring guests, not only is it a straight shot across the hall to the men’s bathroom, it is situated in front of the window in such a way that the breeze makes you feel like you are sleeping outside (but screened in). The hallway is air-conditioned using a heat pump mini-split but you can only benefit from it if the door to the hallway is open. The breeze off the water is mostly sufficient with the window closed.

The wall paper shows signs of its age (?) in places and Bruce threatens to remove it but protests from Marian keep him busy with other tasks. The tin ceiling was made for a bedroom with its low relief and gentle design. The room is pleasing in many ways, the north west light and gables makes one reminisce of times gone past and visiting relatives in comfort and style.

During the 2019 Christmas In The Village, Marian’s sister-in-law’s sister stayed by herself and was awakened in the night by “a presence”, nothing she could see, or touch, or smell, just a presence. The happening was fleeting but it left her with a feeling that it was female and not unhappy, just there.

If any one from Marian’s past was to visit Lang House, she would love to have her neighbor, Vera Arthurs. When they lived in South Bay and Marian was preschool age, Vera’s son, Ralphie, and Marian’s sister, Marjorie, attended Cerebral Palsy School in the West Side of Saint John. Marian rememberers waiting on Vera’s lap in the ’57 Dodge for their school to get out. Vera wore a dark brown mouton fur coat and Marian would squirm with delight as she snuggled on her lap with her coat warmed by the sun.

On their way home one day, Marian was standing in the passenger seat of the ’57 Dodge, no child restraints then. She had seen he Uncle Odie riding with his hand on the door handle and thought how cool it was and she decided to put her foot on the handle. The door handle on that model pushed down to open, not pull up. She remembers seeing the road beneath her, specifically the train rails by Simms Corner. Death would have been imminent for Marian had Vera not reached forth and grabbed her by the pony tail leaving her dangling just above the railroad and pavement.

Before Vera died at the age of 95, she gave Marian a china sugar and cream set, a gold-colored depression glass covered candy dish with “Bambi” on top. She also made Marian a quilt that shows the flowers of Canada, an amazing piece of appliqué, embroidery and hand quilting. It is one of Marian’s most guarded treasures.

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