Lang House in the Village of Gagetown: Watching the Gagetown Creek Flood-2016

The first year in any business must hold its share it trials. The spring freshet is that trial for the new B and B owners of Lang House in the Village of Gagetown. Fortunately some very good people helped us out. My Facebook buddy Ian Neilsen recommended that a volunteer fireman, Tyler Thomas, help me as he worked for the previous owner during the flood season. I can only testify that the recommendations given to us by Tyler lowered my blood pressure. He showed us how big the water had come in previous years and how to handle the situation. Since then we have cleared the basement completely and nothing is below waist level. We bought two new sump pumps and a transfer (trash) pump. The water went down maybe four inches today but it has since risen back. We have spring (King) tides with the full moon and rain is on the way. Tyler showed us how to know when water was seeping into the basement and when we would have a foot of water in there.

As you can see from the following pictures, watching the creek is not so bad.

Lang House Open for Guests even during the flood!
Lang House Open for Guests even during the flood!
Side view flood
View demo the street. The water has to rise up to the bottom of the veranda.
Apr 10 Receeding
We watch the lower pier. It has a no parking sign on it. If the water covers the pipes by a foot, there is a foot of water in the basement. In 2008, the upper pier (on the left) was covered to the extent that a boat could go over it. We did see a kayaker, Peter Thomas, so people can do such a thing.
Apr 10 Sunrise
April 10 sunrise! Pipes still not covered. A good morning to wake up to!
Gagetown Creek Trees
Looking out at Gagetown Creek! What a blessing it is to live here!

More posts to follow on Lang House in the Village of Gagetown!

4 thoughts on “Lang House in the Village of Gagetown: Watching the Gagetown Creek Flood-2016

  1. Great blog…makes my heart so happy to feel the happiness you and Bruce are experiencing now at Lang House in Gagetown!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Valerie! I warmed my heart to read your message. I remember when we met down on the marina my first weekend here! Your hospitality made me feel wanted!


  2. This will pass and you will be stronger and better prepared next year! Sounds like you have done everything you can to minimize any potential problems and the local expertise is paying off. Namaste!


    1. Thank you for your good thoughts. The water never reached “freshet” levels. No water came into the basement. When my son and family arrive here this week, they won’t have a wet basement. We are very grateful!


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