May at Lang House B and B-2016

At Lang House in the Village of Gagetown, High Adventure was the word(s). We were first visited by Dianne Whelan and Ann Verrall who were making the film and book called  500 Days in the Wild. Ann represents shortworksProductions and is in charge of logistics and technology. Diane is hiking, biking, and paddling the 24,000km Trans Canada Trail.

After paddling to the Evandale ferry they returned for a second night and gave me a social media lesson. Meeting them was a true highlight of B and B keeping.

The day after we met the cast and crew of 500 Days, a bicyclist called late in the evening looking for a room. He had biked from Toronto to the Village in 11 days (865 km; that would take about 8 hours to drive on Highway!) He came in as darkness fell and was up before light. Bruce packed him a bag of food with boiled eggs and sourdough rolls filled with black currant preserves. He was the tallest biker I have ever met. He was on his way to St. John’s, Newfoundland!

A world class seaman spent a night with us. He was on his way from working on his boat in Sydney, Nova Scotia, to his home in Toronto. He liked my sourdough bread but it was not that big of a deal to  him as a Portuguese bakery in his neighborhood baked it around the clock! Soon he and his wife will be sailing along the rugged southern coast of Newfoundland, exploring abandoned outports as they sailed along. I was fascinated to learn of the food that they ate when they were out for ten days.

How odd is it that all four adventurers were headed to Newfoundland and beyond. The last visitor was a guidance counsellor headed past Newfoundland to an outport near the border of Quebec and Labrador. He will be working at Blanc-Sablon but also in other communities.


So an exciting list of adventurers! What will June bring?

Marian Langhus
June 6, 2016

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