T-Shirts: My Notebook – 2019

T-shirts serve as a notebook for memories!

One time I was asked during an interview what my ideal job would be? I didn’t hesitate in my reply, “One where I could wear a different t-shirt everyday!” The interviewer was beautifully dressed with a long billowing skirt and a layered scarf with lots of jewelry. I remember seeing her give a little shiver as she thought it was not the answer she was looking for. I did get the job as a Scientist-In-Residence at a summer camp for girls. I have a shirt from that summer that I still wear today.

I gained several t-shirts during my time as a Boy Scout leader (for 12 years).

I pack away my t-shirts every fall and get them out the next summer. Memories flood my mind when I unpack each t-shirt. Seeing each shirt is better than looking at photographs. Several books and short stories refer to people having writings for themselves when they face mental decline. Each shirt has such a deep meaning to me. I am thinking about writing a memoir based on each t-shirt and what it means to me. I would like to think that in my failing days, I could wear a different t-shirt every day and I could read (or have read to me) the meaning of my t-shirt to help stabilize my memories.

As a long-term writing project, I have my t-shirts for prompts. They can be the basis of an autobiography for me that may interest others. Maybe others have collections of t-shirts or other memorabilia.

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