An interview on CBC Radio’s “The House” – Fall 2019

Was it an alignment of the planets or something else? But in the same weekend we had national coverage on the CBC – The House and beautiful coverage on Maritimes Mavin’s Blog.

How was climate change going to influence our voting? Bruce and Marian were full of opinions.

Bruce Langhus calls it “The World’s Most Expensive Free Advertising” meaning that we wouldn’t be popular was it not for being inundated with the spring freshet of the St. John River in both 2018 and 2019. Strange to think what gives people fame.

The 2019 season was different somehow. Recall we missed last summer due to reconstruction so this is our first year back. We can’t put our finger on it exactly but our guests seemed to linger longer than they did in the past. Maybe we are more relaxed and listened more (or had more to say) but the season was a joy! We loved it and we are looking forward to a peaceful winter all the while anticipating the spring 2020 flooding season. Thank you for your interest and support.

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